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re: same as above post, $ git push fatal: The current branch myawesomefeature has no upstream branch. To push the current branch and set the remote ...

I'm confused. That error is expected if you just issue git push. My suggestion was to use git push origin -u (instead of the longer version git push --set-upstream origin myawesomefeature).

Sorry I've no idea, I've tried.
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git config --global push.default upstream

what's your config?

From what I understand, I think it will only work if it was push successfully before or branch exist in remote?
ref: git-scm.com/docs/git-push#Document...

what's your config?

I haven't set that config, I use the default (i.e. push.default=simple). For me git push origin -u works.

Setting git config --global push.default upstream I get the same error as you.

The OP suggested to use git config --global push.default current though, which has the desired effect (i.e. git push sets the remote branch as the tracking branch).

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