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Discussion on: React Table Server Side Pagination with Sorting and Search Filters

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Khoi Hoang

Thanks for making this article! Your github repo doesn't contain the whole React application, only partially of the React component based on your article. It's very hard to understand the context how it works.

Can you please create your demo on and share it to us? It's much easier and faster to see a demo purpose online comapred to download the whole repo and installing the dependency and run on the local machine.

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Arvind Kumar Author • Edited on

Hi Sorry for late reply!

I wrote this article in the context of this article and I mentioned it at the very beginning of the post. Please check the other articles for full code, I just extended it to add sorting and search filters so please check the base post to setup code for yourself and then extend with my code. Later sometime I will try to add full code base to github and create an example on codesandbox. Super busy with other work right now.