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Discussion on: Stop making responsive websites the hard way!

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Khoi Hoang

Yes, we should have at most 3. I just made up an arbitrary number, but if it's not 3, who knows if someone uses 4-6 or something if we have to take over some other developer who made the code. Just something to be aware I guess? 🤔

I guess using a default browser unit that has 16px is a good starting point? You could, of course, use 20px as a starting point for your REM, but I don't see any issues using the 16px = 1 REM.

Just trying to understand and learn how other developers like you are anti REM (not trying to be offensive here).

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Eric Schwarz • Edited

Not offended.

Nothing really changes if you are 15 em's size changes deep, just .8em to go 20% small or 1.2em to be 20% bigger.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but REM was developed so that when you had 30 em's of size changes you could dump all of those em changes and get the root em.

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