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Discussion on: Is there such thing as a truly free cloud database?

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Konark Modi

I would myself be interested in knowing such a service, I don't think one such service truly exists.
Few things I've tried, may be they fit your use-case:

  1. Using Herokuapp - Postgres 10K rows limit on Hobby Addon:

  2. Cloudflare worker with KV store. - Limits:

  3. Decentralised protocols like IPFS, DAT which are also available over JS and HTTP protocols via gateways, this enables them to work on regular web-browsers etc.

I am happy to spend some time with any of the above to help you come up with a reasonable Proof of Concept.

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Micah Lindley Author

Thanks! I'll definitely take a look at those.

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Edward Chan Jia Wei • Edited

Finally there is someone mention them. That is like the basic knowledge if your already research the "storage" area. Again, I am gonna recommend the, but I am hoping we contribute "Standardize" data, rather we keep store similar data over different "open community" database, which defeat the "open" purpose. Probably follow the most schema from popular API, like song from spotify/apple, email from google, and geolocation from mapbox, google