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I'll add to the above, if I may.

Please, do you not do Java in JavaScript. Do not use classes. (unless you need to create a million object instances per second)

In fact. The only time I saw class abuse in node.js is when the code was written by Java developer.

This was my begging. 🙏 Please, readers, do not use classes in node.js.


Behind the party, a large creature wreathed in flame with a TypeScript whip that cracks loudly, echoing the Dynamic types doom throughout the chamber. The JavaScripts had dug too deep... and unleashed horror, NestJS! Swaths of stateful classes permeated it's demonic form.
(they look like this docs.nestjs.com/controllers)

:: looks in bewilderment and concern at @Vasyl while hanging from ledge ::
"Run, you fools!" then let's go to fall into the darkness.

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