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Discussion on: RxJS Proxy: 3 new features

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Kostia Palchyk Author • Edited

Hey, t7yang! A totally valid question 😅

I wanted to show the idea w/o binding to any framework, so the code is somwehwat pseudocodish: some frameworks need adaptations for RxJS (regardless of whether we have a proxy or not)

I haven't studied how to adapt RxJS to other frameworks, but you got a general idea.

Please, ping me if you have any questions left

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Got it. I am Angular developer, async pipe should work well with this.

ReckJS and <$> pretty interesting. I saw ReckJS before, cool 🥳

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Kostia Palchyk Author

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it 🙌

Ah, yeah, Angular is very powerful! And don't forget about the onPush change detection strategy! 🙂