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I feel like there's another component to the problem that honestly bothers me the most: the developers are way too dogmatic. For some reason we look at the world like our own point of view is the only one.

When we argue about CSS, we either perceive CSS-in-JS as the only right or ultimately wrong way (depending on the view). We can't accept that in a certain team, requirements or context one or another solution is more applicable than another.

For example, if the team has established a design system with well developed React components library, it will be a crime to build a landing from scratch ignoring the library. On the other hand, when the team has no or little prior experience with React and needs to quickly ship a marketing page, it will be insane overkill to use Gatsby only because everyone on Twitter says so.

I myself is guilty of getting it too far. I remember when I finally understood the concept of tests I came to the conclusion that there are the devs that write tests for everything and the ones that didn't wake up yet. When I'd meet a dev that doesn't write tests regardless of the context I considered them amateur. Now I work on my own business and write tests only when they are absolutely necessary.

I'd like to see developers became more open-minded and accept that everything in the world is relative and what's good for team working in the enterprise might be deadly for small team work on a pre-market-fit startup.

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