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Hans(Akhil) Maulloo
Hans(Akhil) Maulloo

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Build a Flask web app by running one command!

About buildflaskapp

buildflaskapp is a command-line tool whose aim is to generate a minimal Flask application by simply running a command from your CLI.


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It has been tested on Linux and Window terminal interface and it should work without any problem. If you happen to encounter any kind of issue, please feel free to raise an issue.


$ pip3 install buildflaskapp

Official website

You can check out the official website to learn more about how to use the tool.

Source code

The code is freely available on Github with an MIT license. Feel free to create issues or even pr if you think a new feature should be added.

Additional Resources/Info

At the time of this writing, buildflaskapp supports few options that you can pass in when building the app; options such as adding bootstrap cdn, jQuery cdn and font-awesome cdn automatically.

Official Website

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