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Discussion on: The Unsung Benefits of JAMStack Sites

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Kyle • Edited

As far as building standard stuff quickly, it's hard to argue with pulling a quick wordpress theme/template, installing 20-30 plugins, and calling it a day. But if you're building custom applications and you want to focus on your front-end (e.g. React) vs. having to setup a whole bunch of middleware,servers, etc. ...then the JAMstack is pretty cool. I got stuck numerous times while learning Gatsby, but now that I get feels like a really powerful stack to know. The reality is though, for now, there's still not a ton of examples to pull from or good best practices. You need to make a lot up as you go.

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Stefan Baumgartner Author

I guess that's the price of being and up and coming technology. There's still a lot to figure out. Comparing it to the decade (or much more) Wordpress had to establish a strong ecosystem, I think we're on a good track. Good thing though: JAMStack has been around for a while, even before the term was coined. Now that we have a label to put it on, I see that there's a ton of movement happening. Exciting times ahead.

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