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Discussion on: Does your website really need to be larger than Windows 95?

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Kristian R.

Adding a very quick note here: The Apollo 11 example is pretty interesting. This was, massively, about optimizing code to deal with very limited resources. A load of the current development technology stack also is "optimized" for working with limited resources, but limits are different. Looking at our own environment, I see by now we can handle server machines, workstations, bandwidth, ... pretty well. Not that they are inexpensive and all there for the free taking, managing these isn't much of a problem compared to something else: There simply aren't by no means enough people around who are skilled, qualified, trained well enough to write code for these machines to do something meaningful. We have a market with increasingly demanding customers. Optimizing for "efficiency" making developers building meaningful applications faster these days is way more challenging than writing applications optimized for runtime performance given most of the computers (from servers to smartphones) sold these days are by far too powerful for average users use cases anyhow.

(Note: I thoroughly dislike the whole messy and fragile JavaScript tool chain. And I am pretty much "disenchanted" here, as well, seeing that we didn't come up with a better "developer productivity" tool that works cross-platform and on "the web" without relying upon this whole stack...)