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Discussion on: Whats on your desk?

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Kristian R.

I have a bunch of personal items on my desk, two of them being notable: An old-fashioned sand-filled hourglass and a small glass/crystal ball. Both of these used to be team birthday gifts in our very early corporate days - the hourglass dating back to a time when we ran into serious performance issues more often than we wanted to (and our employees had to watch the "virtual sandglass" Windows NT cursor more often than they wanted), and the glass ball dating back to our days before establishing a working support / helpdesk workflow (when I often was confronted with extremely vague error messages and at some point used to respond that I can't provide any help before looking into my magic crystal ball to see what's wrong). Oh well. Those early days of work. ;)

Actually, the more recent artifacts on my desks are stones collected at the shores of the Baltic Sea which I tend to have in my hands then and now, there's something meditative about the sensation of their surface. ;)