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5 Cools Flutter Fitness App Template 2021

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What do most people look for when they want to get fit and healthy? Definitely, the fitness applications that provide them with the best workout routines and health instruction to get themselves fit and healthy. But almost every fitness application does that, but we are looking for the ones that provide the best UI design that grabs the users’ eye and indulges them in the best experience. We also look for some robust features that help users manage their fitness routines and get what they want out of the fitness app. Well, this article is not about the fitness app but about the development of the fitness app using some of the best fitness app templates built using Flutter and dart programming.

Flutter mobile development framework is definitely making its mark in the world of mobile app development with its ability to create pixel-perfect UI and house powerful features. Using Flutter, we can definitely build an app that has beautiful UI and state-of-the-art features. But, the thing that makes app development even easier, fast, and cheap is the availability of app templates.

Here, we list out some of the best Flutter fitness app templates out there in the market that provide intuitive and elegant UI interfaces with robust and dynamic features:

1. Flutter Fitness App Template by Instaflutter

If you are looking for a fitness app template build using Flutter that has everything then this is it. One of the best Flutter fitness apps templates out there in the market offered by The complete fitness app templates offering more than 50+ screens. Each screen is equipped with state-of-the-art UI containing beautiful design elements ensuring a highly intuitive user experience. This template comes with complete source code in Flutter & Dart and also free lifetime updates for future maintenance purposes.

With beautiful UI screens comes powerful and robust features. The template houses an authentication mechanism leveraging 2-way authentication. The profile features offer screens to fully customize your fitness settings. The other major feature includes Calorie calculations screens, steps calculation screen, calorie burn index, a podcast for meditation, music player as well as a push notification. It can basically be a social app for fitness personals. The template offers heavyweight features which are bound to catch your eye along with modern UI designed for optimum user experience. If you are thinking of building your next fitness application in Flutter, then this is the place to start.

2. Flutter Fitness App Template

Another great fitness app template build completely using Flutter and dart programming offered by codecanyon. The template houses more that 20 screens build completely using Flat UI design specification. The coding structure is well organized with clear and concise coding practice. The entire UI interface looks clean and intuitive. The features are will equipped with step wise approach to using the app properly. The template offers full set of features to customize profile, workout routines, upload videos, store the trending routines and videos, publish pictures. The entire UI is dark themed and profile feature resembles that of the Instagram. The features offered are well adequate for any fitness application. Hence, this template can surely be one of the best choices for your next fitness application program if you are looking to build one using Flutter app development framework.

3. Flutter Fitness Workout UI

The Flutter fitness app UI template offering a simple and clean UI interface. This template may not be as powerful and offer a maximum feature like the ones before but certainly packs a punch if you are looking to develop the fitness app only concentrating on fitness features. This template generally offers features for workout routines at different levels. The users can keep track of their daily exercise routine and build up their level as they progress. The UI designs seem simple and intuitive. The app highly concentrates on motivating you to exercise rather than other social and media stuff. The features such as workout description, scheduling, level upgrades, instructions, etc are available in this application template. All in all the best Flutter fitness app template concentrating fully on workouts and exercise.

4. Flutter fitness Workout

This Flutter fitness app template is entirely similar to the one above. The UI design implementations, as well as the features offered, are very much the same. The only new thing it adds is the integration of Admob which will certainly help to make some money out of the app once published. The template offers the full source code of the app entirely written in Flutter and dart programming. The UI designs in the screen look intuitive and anyone with basic knowledge of application users can easily use it. The designs look simple and clean in terms of screen. The major features include workout routines, a specific list of workouts, workout descriptions, scheduling, level upgrades, instructions, etc. The template is ready to be published in the app store if need be but customizable based on needs as well. If you are looking for a simple workout app template built using Flutter that can make some cash when published then this is it.

5. Flutter Flare: Activity and Fitness App UI

Probably the simplest in terms of UI design but power-packed in terms of features offered, this template is the most balanced app template available in the fitness genre built entirely using Flutter and dart. The template offers 6+ screens with a simple and elegant UI which looks highly intuitive. It houses features such as authentication (login, email registration), chat interface, Home screen with filter option to browse through different workout manuals, workout detail screen, Map feature, inbox, notifications, Profile, etc. The entire template contains more than 11 reusable Widgets which you can customize and reuse on different screens easily. All the basic features required in the fitness app are available in this template along with simple and modern UI which makes this template great for your next Flutter fitness app project.


This article lists out some of the best Fitness app templates built entirely using Flutter and dart programming. The UI interface range from simple to complex and the same goes for features as well. If you are going for the fitness app template that has everything in terms of UI and features then definitely go for the one by instamobile. If you are looking for a fitness app with great UI and some social features then the second one would be the best. And if you are looking for a fitness app solely focused on workout features then definitely the third and fourth. The fifth one is the balanced one with simple UI and adequate features. Now, it is up to you to choose the best one the fits your need for your next Flutter fitness application.

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