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Discussion on: Adobe, You Piece of Work, I'm Through

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I am Vamsee from the Adobe ColdFusion team and I manage the quality for all ColdFusion products. At the outset, I would like to say that, we, at the Adobe ColdFusion team sincerely value your feedback and contributions to the product.

From the engineering side, we agree that there are definitely some areas we can get better at such as responding more often to user comments, communicating fix-specifics (where we are allowed to) and ensuring that all bugs are verified, fixed and released within an acceptable time frame. While we typically tend to back-port all important bug fixes to the version the bug was first reported in, there can be some exceptions such as big library upgrades or the Elvis case where the architecture change rendered the back-porting somewhat of a risky proposition. Also, our response time for fixing user-reported regressions has been extremely swift of late and we have a patch ready for distribution within a day or two of the issue being reported.

Once again, thank you for the valuable feedback and for your continued patronage towards ColdFusion.

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Michael Born Author

I sincerely appreciate your input. Yes, I've noticed recently that support communication has drastically improved, and I admit I was very impressed with the recent updates for CF2018 and 2016 - particularly with the quickly-released fixes for lambda syntax. So, well done on that!

If you continue to focus on improving communication with developers, you will have a drastically better product, happier customers, and fatter wallets. Just my thought. :)