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Discussion on: A Better Way to Structure React Projects

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Kris Guzman Author

Maybe it would help if I explain what I typically do with this kind of setup.

I have a components folder with an atomic design structure, and I also have a "domains" folder so that I can create one-off components and business logic heavy components that are specific to a piece of the application. (resolving the limitation you mentioned about having greenfield components).

For styling, you wrongly state that css-in-js makes you handle styling directly in the component. At it's most basic level, yes, but I use a theme object in my projects, which contain styles for shadows, colors, spacing, etc, that can be setup in one place and used anywhere. I also have a globalStyles.ts file (for styled components) where I set global styles for typography and fonts.

I think it's important to remember that there is no universal project structure, and I never said there was. This project structure, like any other, can be adapted, modified, and built upon to suit the needs of a specific project (large and small).

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nice I'm getting more what you tried to explain, thanks for clarifying!