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Discussion on: What is your favourite JavaScript framework?

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Kris Siegel • Edited on

What, no vanilla JavaScript love in here?

The DOM APIs are, yes, a bit awkward but if you structure your application well it's quite powerful and most of the times is how you can get the maximum amount of performance out of your application.

Personally I like mixing a little bit of messaging (with something like msngr.js) and straight up DOM APIs. However, if I have to work with a large team then I try to find what their strengths are and I go whatever that direction is because, sometimes, being productive is all that matters and you can make a great application in any framework.

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jules manson

look at my comment a few above this one.

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Derek Hopper

I've fallen in love with vanilla JavaScript the past year. With webpack and ES6, it's enjoyable.

And I love your point about team strengths. Decisions to use a specific framework can have costs that span years. It can change the whole dynamic of your team if you're not careful.