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I see your point of view and I don't think that it's incorrect but for many companies their landing page is their pride and joy and as such they've probably spent a lot of time working on it. So if you could actually provide good/fresh ideas that they haven't tought about it would show that you've actually familiarised yourself with the company and that you can think out of the box.
With that said this is just my opinion after reading your question, never heard about this kind of request in an interview before.


Hi Kristijan,

I agree with you, but the thing is that they are going to receive as many free ideas/designs as candidates. It seems more than they need to renew all their site's design and they can use the landing page style for the rest of their site.


It occurred to me that it may be possible to copyright your 'new website' ideas, if you are really interested/or worried. lol


True that, but I highly doubt a company will go trough a whole hiring process just to get free design ideas. I mean if they schedule 10 interviews where you probably get 2 people interviewing (so spending time and in return spending money) why not just hire a top freelance designer to give them some pointers for their landing page? 🤔

Then again it's possible such company exists, it just seems highly unlikely to me.

The point is not to redesign 'My company website'. It seems to me that landing pages are designed by groups of people, marketing even the Pres. maybe.

  1. How could one new person design something better than a group?
  2. All projects have trade offs. What would you gain or lose if 'your new idea' that you spent 2 days on bring to the 'table'.
  3. If you are artistic, do your ideas fit with the group. Group questions are very big now-a-days...
  4. hundreds of legit reasons...


I don't think that all companies have groups of people to work on their websites, in the small ones (so most of them) probably the web developer and marketing person are the same ones.

Yes, Alberto, I agree. I did not know the size of the imaginary company. haha. ;)

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