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Top Features in an OTT Video Streaming Platform?

Do you want to launch your own white-label video streaming business or are you seeking an enterprise video streaming platform to manage all of your video requirements for your company? You've arrived at the correct location. To make your OTT video streaming journey easier, we've developed a list of the top 7 features that every video streaming platform should have.

Top Features to Look out for in an Online Video Streaming Platform?

1. Hosting Services for Videos
Video hosting is the first and most important service that any OTT video streaming platform should provide. A video hosting platform provides you with the ability to upload, host, and manage your videos via a content management system.

Despite the fact that there are numerous free video hosting services accessible, such as YouTube, businesses choose to use strong, premium video hosting services like Webnexs to host their films. Webnexs One's video hosting service is more secure, allows you a customisable video streaming experience, and gives you the ability to share and embed movies wherever you want.

2: Live Streaming
The ability to live broadcast is a must-have feature for every video streaming platform. There are numerous applications for live streaming, including

It's used for things like employee onboarding, product debuts, town halls, conferences, and conducting live product demos, among other things.

In the past, most video platforms solely offered on-demand video (VOD) streaming and management services. Many online video companies, however, have added live video to their arsenal as a result of the growing popularity of live streaming.

Webnexs One offers low-latency live streaming services and allows you to quickly establish your own live streaming platform without any coding experience.

3. Security at the corporate level
One of the key advantages of choosing a professional video streaming service over free video hosting sites like YouTube is content protection. Important video security features to look for in a VOD provider include user authentication, data encryption, watermarking, and digital rights management (DRM).

Other security features include hiding internal meetings from the outside world, limiting access to specific domains, and controlling video playback on external sites.

4. Tools for encoding and transcoding
Encoding and transcoding are important activities that streaming video providers conduct to compress and decompress your video into different renditions for seamless playback on different devices. We recommend looking for a system that offers cloud video transcoding capabilities for VOD material so that it can be delivered to customers with a variety of displays and internet speeds.

5. HTML5 video player with a lot of features
In layman's terms, an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) player is a programme that allows you to watch videos using the HTML protocol. For both consumers and broadcasters, an online video platform with an HTML5 video player streamlines and improves the streaming experience. HTML5 video player is also incredibly versatile, as it can be streamed on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices. HTML5 video streaming also has the advantage of being highly configurable. To make your streaming experience as smooth as possible, make sure your online video platform contains a powerful HTML5 video player.

6. Analytics
You'll need robust analytics to track the performance of your videos in real-time if you want to quantify the success of your online video platform. Analytics can provide information about your customers' content consumption patterns, such as revenue data for a certain video, as well as a thorough breakdown based on your customers' geographic regions. This information can be utilised to improve your content strategy in the future.

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, we were able to inform you on how to select the finest video streaming platform for your company. Do you need more information before making a final decision? Consider Webnexs One to be your one-stop shop for all your audio and video needs.

Webnexs One is an end-to-end OTT platform supplier with a lot of features that can help you expand your video possibilities. webnexs's fully managed online video platform supports both Video on Demand (VOD), Over The Top(OTT) and Live Streaming, allowing you to quickly build your own white label multi-device VoD platform.

Are you ready to see how well Webnexs One's feature-rich OTT platform is optimised and user-friendly? Take a 14-day free trial to see for yourself!

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Krithiga, You've done an amazing job building Top Features in an OTT Video Streaming Platform

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Krithiga, You did an amazing job putting together this list of Top Features in an OTT Video Streaming Platform.

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You did an outstanding job! Thank you for exposing that it provides a white-label VOD platform as well as detailed recommendations on what to look for in an OTT video streaming platform.