db in c#— how does I do again?

Russ Hammett on January 05, 2019

Database in c#— how does I do again? Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash It’s been a fair amount of time since I’ve done anything in the da... [Read Full]
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Great refresher! It's been so long since I started a new C# project with a DB that I forgot what the the setup is like.

It's too easy to just for the last place I queried and follow the pattern.

Also Dapper has spoiled me rotten, and I'm thankful for it!


It was indeed refreshing to get hands dirty with low level code to see how it works under the hood as working in higher abstraction sometimes make us forget.

& Yes, Dapper spoiled us much 😉


Seems like basic ADO.Net. Or did I miss something?


I think the goal of this article is to show the basic steps for querying in .NET.

I don't often setup new projects, so been it's nice to see everything in one place.

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