Discussion on: What’s the most under-appreciated software?

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The only database that the average person can use without training

I don't have any training. I can't use Excel, aside from filling in values and clicking together basic equations with the GUI. Can I use Excel? Yes. Can I do anything useful with it? No.

I think I get where you are coming from here: Excel is probably easier to learn for non-technical people than other tools for data manipulation and statistics, such as R or Python. But you'd still need training to properly utilize Excel.

Handles gigantic data volumes with extreme efficiency

That is one argument I don't subscribe to at all, I'm with Michiel Hendriks on this one. Everything over ~2500 columns, without complex macros or anything, and you'll wait for it to load way longer than what feels necessary.

A non-negotiable dependency of almost every industry and profession

Aside from the fact that this doesn't say anything about the quality of the software, that's not because of Excel per se, or the lack of alternatives, but a result of Microsoft massively and successfully pushing it for decades.