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Top 4 Web Design Trends For 2022

The web designers community conveys new trends every year with better user experience and services. These web design trends also include well-improved old design trends.

The main aim is to deliver a delightful user experience and accessibility. Therefore, here are the top web design trends you should follow in 2022.


One of the most effective web design trends is the scrollytelling effect. I love this visual design development because Scrollytelling increases the user spending time on the website.

The scrollytelling effect with big typography is worth trying for portfolio website. It is also trending in the web designer community nowadays.

Multilayers content

For the past few years, designers focusing on minimalist and clean website design. Still, the multilayers content is ruling the design trends.

Just like storytelling, multilayers also gives better visuality and user experience. Therefore, users stuck with your website content.

Typography animations

After the scrollytelling, typography with animation is the best website design combo. This web design trend gives stunning visual effects and accessible functionality.

By using retro fonts, image filters and colour gradients, you can give extraordinary web design services for the client.


Glassmorphism is the stunning trend for this year. The blur and movement transparancy makes the design more cool and attractive. You can use this effects in illustrations, logos and other elements.

The combination of blur, shadow and reflection creates this glassmorphism effect. It is also known as "frosted glass effect".

Final words

That's it. Use these design trends while making the website for good user experience and outstanding look.

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and also abstract art, gaussian blur, comfortable colors. Read more about these trends in the post