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Depends on whether you need to travel with it or not. If you are going to use it from home, get a desktop. It can offer unrivaled performance and get something like:

  • Ryzen CPU (whatever is currently best, I got 2700X last June)
  • Geforce 1080Ti - good GPU never goes to waste :)
  • 32GB RAM (you probably don't need 64 yet but 16 is too low)
  • Intel Optane SSD

And a good monitor as very important as well, get some ultra wide monitor, it helps to better concentrate as compared to two smaller monitors.

If you need a laptop, this is way better than mac: razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-bla...


I appreciate the specs and laptop recommendation. It's been hard to decide on what minimum PC specs are performant nowadays. Ended up using this website to get an idea of what's a "slow" vs "ridiculous" PC.

And thanks for the laptop rec! I've been trying to find a solid Windows alternative to the Macbook that isn't too low-end. Razer seems like it's a great choice 👍


I built a machine similar to this recently. For starting from the ground up (no reused parts), I have a Ryzen 7 2700X, 32GB DDR-4 (with option to go 64 in future), 2 Samsung 970 Elite 512GB NVMe drives and a Radeon RX570 for around 1200. When my MBP dies, I am going to buy either a bottom-spec Mac or generic Windows laptop and set up a VPN to my network environment which would allow me to RDP into my desktop for real work.

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