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Discussion on: Day 1: Erlang Hello World

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Kimmo Sääskilahti

Maybe it's more fair to compare to Java :) Why Erlang by the way, could you use Elixir instead? Can one mix Erlang and Elixir like one can mix Java and Scala?

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jdfolino Author

Oh I published it by accident, oops. I have a job where we are migrating from Ruby on Rails to Elixir. The hardcore Elixir guys said to me to understand Erlang as Phoenix will be easy for me (as it is so similar to Rails). And because we are in lockdown (damn COVID-19) I thought why not learn Erlang

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Michał Szajbe

Yes, Elixir compiles to Erlang. You can easily use Erlang directly from Elixir.