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Discussion on: Are you a member of a professional organization related to computing or software development? Why or why not?

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

For one year I was a member of the ACM. It amounted to the boss's PA asking me if I wanted to be a member and I said yes. Then the next year she asked and I said no. During the previous year, my interaction with the organization basically amounted to receiving a magazine (which was way over my head at the time) and a mug. So I didn't want to waste the money. I still have the Alan Turing mug, but it has faded a bit over time. :(

I would be interesting in having access to some of the ACM papers. I have hit their paywall many times before when doing research. And I could probably make sense of the magazine now. But I've managed so far.

I'm not inclined to join organizations lightly, and especially not when they charge for membership. I think it would take personally knowing a member and seeing the org making real progress in helping society (or I would settle for helping the profession) in order to consider it.