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Discussion on: What's the big deal with privacy?

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

All benefits provided with collected data are secondary to using you to make money. (And if often shows in the execution of those services.) It also encourages solicitations on your time. But then again, I despise advertising. Seeing web ads and TV commercials to me is like those door-to-door salespeople who come on saturday and sunday. I am angry that I wasted time to go to the door. If I decide I could use something, I will look it up and buy it on my own initiative. Leave me the heck alone. (And therefore, I block ads and only subscribe to entertainment without advertisements.)

Also, it is a potential risk to you. If your information is exposed, it becomes easier to target you with social engineering and phishing attempts. For example, if a data breach exposed a bunch of user preferences and emails, it wouldn't be difficult to write a script and send everyone a fake promo email (of something the preference data says they absolutely like) to infect them with ransomware on a mass scale. Or if you are a conspiracy theorist, it become easier for the government to frame you to cover up something the aliens actually did. Or for a political party to target people the data might indicate are swing votes.

So at the end of the day, the data isn't being used for "good", but for profit. I only get a few (usually unwanted) side effects from this usage. It being centrally collected also increases the risk to me along a number of attack vectors.

Ironically, I am not that private of a person in real life. To my friends I am an open book. But in digital services, I trust no one. (Which reminds me, I forgot to turn off Location Services since the last time I used the GPS. Fixing that now.)