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I have 18 yrs experience and have worked on several successful products, and I too am still afraid to fail. The most important thing to keep going forward is to attempt something small. Just a little new addition or small improvement. Then the next one. And so on. It will surprise you how taking the small steps turns into some distance traveled behind you.

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Yeah. Rome was not built in a day. I should start focusing in making baby steps and one day we will be able to walk or even fly. Thank you so much for your words.


This! The amazing websites you see are the result of several years of training and more than likely, multiple people. Don't give in to marketing hype -- isolate yourself for some time and learn, and make sure you stay away from newsletters, blog posts, or even this site for some time. It's time to consistently take small steps and strengthen yourself!


Sure ankush. I have decided to take baby steps first. Don't worry about bigpicture and enjoy the process.

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