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Kasey Speakman • Edited on

I post some topics after hours, but I also take some time at work (especially on Mondays) for professional development including some comments or posts here. I dunno that my boss "likes" it, but he tolerates it. And I often learn a lot from it that I can bring back to the team. (And I make sure to point out that I learned it in professional development time.)

For example, I posted here about event storage in postgres. It was mainly to work out and document my own thoughts on the matter. I received some really good comments which ultimately led to a few changes. We are transitioning to it right now, and I hope to do a followup post on that once we get it in production at the end of the month. Similarly, I posted another article on fixing DB mistakes safely. I needed to document that process anyway because we will have to repeat it several times. That actually got emailed around internally for the purposes of understanding the scope of work involved.