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Discussion on: Games that teach you to program (without you realizing it)

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

I'll have to give Opus Magnum a try. I played Spacechem, but I was disappointed by the lack of any real reusability. For me it basically highlighted why effectful procedural programming makes reuse impossible.

I did play through TIS-100, and it was a bit too far for me as well. But it taught me a couple of things. 1) Pushing through that feeling of "this is impossible", which was a frequent experience. 2) Modern languages/compilers/cpus are freaking amazing feats of engineering.

I started playing Shenzhen IO. Then I found this, and my brain exploded.

InfiniFactory is on my wish list.

Factorio is amazing, but I now find it hard to play through from the beginning, because there is so much to get through to arrive at automated construction with drones. I feel like it really needs an early game automated construction mechanism. I've been meaning to leave feedback with some ideas about that, but they suggest doing so through their forums. And I never want to leave feedback on forums ever again.