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Discussion on: How does the web look if everyone owned their own data?

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Kasey Speakman

Owning your data does not necessarily mean owning the location where it is stored. It could very well be on a cloud provider, but the difference is that when I own it, I get to control its use. Whereas when you put something on Facebook, you cannot control how they use it internally. At best, you can control which other Facebook users see it.

I really think the conversation should be about: what is the successor to email? Email allows for direct sharing and is federated (lots of different providers that can talk to each other). But it has no efficient way of passively sharing content. This was attempted with RSS, for example, but it requires too many external tools to setup to be an effective user-to-user sharing method.

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Joshua Johnson Author

I like you comment but the data location is very important. Most countries outside the US would argue that data that lives on a server in their country belongs to them.