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re: The breaking changes aren't that big (Signals->Tasks was waaaaay bigger). I've ported several of my projects over, most of them taking less than...

I wasn't around for Signals, and I bet that was a much larger breaking change. :)

Our largest SPA is about 44k lines of Elm code, and we have about 130k lines of Elm code across all our apps. At some point navigation was in pretty bad shape on the big one. So those were my best guesses.

I just wanted to let you know that a possible alternative to React/Redux that would be far more FP oriented is Mithril/Meiosis - vdom lib - for the V - state pattern in conjunction with streams to give you the M/U

Check out the gitter chatrooms, the communities for both are very FP oriented, and working on making it easier to do FP all the time.

this guy came from elm:

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