Discussion on: Elm 0.19 Broke Us 💔

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Kasey Speakman Author

I'm glad "u/elm_mods" got a chance to vent. :) For the record, I was never banned from any forum. I don't even have Reddit or Elm Discourse accounts -- nothing to ban.

I think Evan is a rare one that can create amazing things. He certainly far exceeded what I could manage. Elm proves all that. But no one is good at everything, and creating a healthy community is hard and a completely different kind of skill. I could do no better there either, but I recognize when it's off. At least, closing your ears to the reality of the problems that users face, and insisting on idealism is not a winning strategy.

I have no malice in my heart. Since we discovered all the 0.19 changes, our team has been genuinely depressed about it, because we love coding UIs in Elm. I figured I could say nothing and quietly slip away. Or I could share my feedback as clinically as I could here (I'm pretty sure it would be suppressed in Elm's forums.) Maybe I would be heard. Maybe not.

I think Elm is one of the best products I've run across, and I hope all the spoils of success come to its contributors. I pointed out some issues, but I am rooting for Elm to overcome and succeed.