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re: What I think is really the first enemy of learning (anything, not just functional programming) is herd mentality. When you work at a place where th...

Yeah, I completely agree.

Re:math-focus. Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but this is exactly why I could not bring myself to deploy Haskell code. Even if I could be super productive with it, bringing on fresh devs seems drastically harder than something like F# because of the intertwining of category theory. I would never say this out loud, but since it is just you and me 😉, I have a theory that Haskell is more object-oriented than most OO languages. Because you kinda have to derive from the category theory objects to make canonical use of it. Whereas something like F# or OCaml or Elm, you can just pretend you are doing procedural programming + expressions + immutability + pure functions to get started and be productive. Then later notice that a lot of types use the same functions: map, bind/andThen, etc. So if you understand them once, you understand them everywhere. Then later you discover these operations are not just some dude's arbitrary contrivance, but based on provable math. mind blown. It is a great learning story IMO.

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