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What's stopping me? Lack of a good reason. Maybe I'm lucky or have been in too small of markets, but so far I have not encountered a dev job where I thought a union was needed to fix it. Granted, I have intentionally avoided jobs where I have heard bad things about their working cultures, such as games and finance. I worked for mostly small organizations. The largest one (~1000 local employees, magnitude more worldwide) was the most diverse, inclusive place I worked.

I am sure if I had some particularly bad experiences or people close to me with horror stories, I would have motivation for it. And having grown up doing blue collar work, by comparison I struggle to understand the need for it. But I recognize I can't see from all perspectives, so if it is something that you need to do, don't let me stop you.


What kind of issues do you think a union would fix?


Traditionally they have been a vehicle to push back against unsafe working conditions and exploitation. Especially when we do not yet have laws that make those things illegal.

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