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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Kasey Speakman

I have another perspective to offer.

I grew up as the son of an entrepreneur. If anything it tempered me against being one. The benefits are great if you ever get to them, but the 100-hr work weeks when things go right and the stress / sleepless nights when things go wrong... not so great! Definitely count the cost. I consciously make the trade-off of being a worker bee (in places I enjoy working) so that I can work 40 hrs and then actually be at home when I am at home.

Not to say that I "would never", but I am wary of reaching for that proverbial brass ring. Not for fear of failure (although that certainly plays a part), but for fear of what "success" would require of my life and those in it.

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Hi, Kasey!

This is totally understandable, not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, it depends on each one. I agree with you about the part of being at home and not having a life. Actually, I'm not one of those who thinks you should work 501919931 hours a week so you can be successful. And I do not want it for me either! And it is possible to achieve your financial independence without having your own company, it all depends on you. You've discovered what you like and are living your life, right? And this is what matters. Cheers!