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re: Oh wow, I never heard of that. I thought Tachyons was the only library that used classes in that way. Have you used both Semantic UI and Tachyons? ...

I haven't used Tachyons. Your article was the first I heard of it. We do have apps in production with Semantic UI. I had seen it years ago, but was afraid to take the plunge when it was newer. I used mostly Bootstrap instead.

Semantic is an extensive library. But its syntax is memorable and legible. I've also found that the library already covers so many scenarios (and allows you to mix them reasonably), that I rarely have to create my own UI widgets.

Even if it's too large of a package for what you need, it's worth looking at how they implemented their "semantic" classes.

Ok cool I can see how useful it can be with larger projects. Try tachyons out for smaller or quick projects. I do notice the semantics being different. Tachyons seems to use abbreviations like, “.ba” for “border-all”. Both has its strengths and weaknesses.

Sorry for any errors I’m using my phone 🤷🏾‍♂️😊.

Jumping in a few months late but just seeing this.

I've deployed Semantic-UI v2.2.x in production on dotnet core apps (i know, i know), and have also started using ng2-semantic (github.com/edcarroll/ng2-semantic-ui) on new Angular2/4/5 apps before we were just mandated to switch to Angular-Material.

I never had any issues with semantic and it has been the easiest layout system and class system I've used. Tachyons is intriguing due to the size but the syntax is $H!T in my opinion. I found this article searching for a translation sheet of all abbreviations to what they actually mean. I stumbled upon it once before and don't recall where.

My recommendation would be to leverage Semantic if possible. There are limitations I've read about but haven't hit any along the way. I'm using Tachy for some personal projects just to get the feel for it and I'm not burdening anyone else with having to learn the syntax.

Have a good one.

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