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Some basic terminologies in Java

So it's day 2 of the learning journey and today we will get to know some of the basic terminologies used frequently in java.

  1. Classes -
    • classes can be identified as Nouns in the problem statement
    • they are also called the blueprint of an object.
    • as per the rule every single class should define the single object and should contain data related to that object only.
    • For example - A human
  2. Objects -
    • also called as an instance of the class.
    • consists of the exact values of the fields/properties defined by a class
    • objects are always related to the class.
    • For example - If humans are class then John is one of its objects.
  3. Fields -
    • fields can be of both objects as well as classes they are also called attributes or property.
    • they define actual values that an object of a class can hold.
    • only a method of an object should be allowed to change values of a field of the same object.
  4. Methods -
    • it can also be of both classes and objects.
    • can be understood as behaviours of an object or procedures.
    • are functions associated with an object.
    • changes values of fields of an object.
  5. Naming Convention in Java:-
    • PascalCase => used for naming Class.
    • camelCase => used for naming Fields, Methods.
    • SCREAM_CASE => used for naming Constant Values.
    • lowercase => used for naming packages.
  6. Some key features of Java:-

i. Object-Oriented
ii. Platform Independent
iii. Simple and Easy to learn
iv. Architecture Neutral
v. Portable
vi. Robust
vii. Multi-threaded
viii. Interpreted-byte code
ix. High performance
x. Distributed
xi. Dynamic

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