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Why take up Java as a programming language?

Kumar Sanskar
Best thing that ever happened to humanity was the Trees and Computers
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Okay, so Day 1 of my learning journey and as I said that I will be sharing the journey details of my learning Java, so without any delay let's roll in.
Like every new learner, I was quite apprehensive of me choosing Java as a primary programming language as we all know that with the talks of other programming languages like Python and others rounds the corner the task of selecting a language becomes quite hard. But let me tell you why should you chose Java:-

  • What if I tell you that about 13 Billion devices run Java and that's a really huge number isn't it, from the smartphones to the smart chips in credit cards, to server-side process and lot many more.
  • Another amazing fact that it has been in use for almost two decades now, as Java 1.0 came out in 1995 and that's a pretty good share of time for a programming language where after few years there is a new language in the market and another departs from the market.
  • Now there will be an obvious question that how did it survive through time and the reason is by having backwards compatibility which is also one of the features of Java.
  • It has a huge community of developers about 10 million from all around the globe and that makes it a lot easier for you if you feel stuck somewhere and obviously if you are looking for help on StackOverflow😅. Alt Text
  • It was mainly derived from C and C++ and you can say they are the nearest ancestor of Java, as it's quite evident that from C Java derives many of its syntaxes and from C++ it's Object-oriented model.

  • But be careful there are some instances where using Java can be Dangerous like for the systems which are using real-time systems(basically because of garbage collection) apart from some of the places like this it is one of the best choices as a programming language

    "When web companies grow up, they turn into Java shops." - James Governor(Redmonk analyst and co-founder)

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