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Discussion on: Text editor fetishists, unite!

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Thomas Landin

I hop around to try new things fairly often, but I tend to minimize the amount of different tools I use for any given task.

For text editing and coding I limit myself to no more than two tools (same caveat as in the OP: specialized tools like for Android don't count towards this limit). One text editor and one IDE. The IDE can have a slower startup time, since I won't be opening and closing it all that much. If I open it it's going to be open for an hour or more and a few seconds of start-up time won't matter. But the text editor absolutely must start fast, like nearly instantaneous.

I often code in my text editor instead of my IDE, but it's also used for the quick config changes, script edits, etc. and I don't want to wait for it to load in those cases.

I like to tinker and tweak things though, I want to set things up to do exactly what I want and ease my workload. That's what computers are there to do!

So right now my two tools are neovim and VSCode. VSCode lives in that weird place between text editors and full blown IDEs where it's 90% as capable as a proper IDE but with performance closer to text editors (note how I said closer. It's not perfect by any means).

If you do this often or even for a living, there's no excuse for not investing time and energy in finding the right tools for you. It will pay off.