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re: Hi, I am currently in the process of applying to front end developer jobs focused on React. How do you suggest I prepare for the interviews from yo...

I'm currently interviewing frontend developers for React jobs. There are a few things I look for:

  • Current knowledge - make sure you can implement hooks in a functional component and not just class based components.
  • Be able to spot instances where components can be refactored, either to extract reusable functionality or to replace two or more repetitive components with one configurable component.
  • And the best thing to show: TESTING! Exactly zero candidates so far have shown me how they would test their React app. Any effort you put into this is very likely to make you stand out.



Maybe a typo, but you can't use hooks in class components. Or maybe you mean making lifecycle methods with hooks in functional components?

I love your second test, that's great.

Indeed, that wasn't clear - what I look for is for candidates to be able to take stateless functional components and implement functionality using hooks. Many immediately convert to class components in order to use lifecycle methods.

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