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re: Ah I think my wording has probably confused matters - Model is the custom type, DisplayingRoom and Failure are values that custom type can have. (T...

Ooohh yes, that makes perfect sense! A custom type can have any... custom... values you make up, they don't have to be defined separately anywhere else. I get it now. My mental block was that I was still thinking of the Model type as a record, just because it was named Model. LOL.

I guess I'm starting to see why "custom types" is a better name than "union types" (what they used to be in 0.18). Thanks for the update to 0.19!

Glad that helped! I can totally see how that caused confusion.

And yeah, I think the change of naming convention from union to custom is a big positive. Custom type is a phrase that can be easily understood without even having any real understanding of the language at all! :)

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