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Kai Chen
Kai Chen

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Read Reddit without an internet connection

My Final Project

I built a desktop app for reading Reddit without an internet connection.

Pre-download subreddits to read offline, including posts and their comments.

I built it with Sidhya Tikku who did the design, with the code being written by me.

Demo Link

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Link to Code

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Backpack Reader - Read Reddit without an internet connection.

Backpack Reader

Build Status

Backpack Reader is a desktop app for downloading and reading Reddit while offline.

Dashboard view

Sidebar shrunk

Search for subreddit

Post detail


First, clone the repo via git. And then install the dependencies with yarn.

$ cd Backpack
$ yarn

Starting Development

Start the app in the dev environment.

$ yarn dev

Packaging for Production

To package apps for the local platform:

$ yarn package

Running Tests

This project uses Jest as the test runner.

$ yarn test

End to End Tests

Coming soon.

Code Structure/Tech Stack


Main JavaScript code for Backpack Reader. Components are built with React.

Tech Stack:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Jest


All contributions, pull requests, and feedback welcome! Roasts of all kinds welcome

Future Plans

  • End to End tests.

Authors and Acknowledgement

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

Built with Electron, React, and Redux. Got more familiar with JavaScript, React, and Yarn along the way.

It was interesting and fun to look at Reddit on one screen and try to recreate its CSS by eyeball on the other.

Not too many fancy libraries were used, most of the code (like the navbar/sidebar) were created from scratch. Mostly using node-fetch for API requests, and node-fs-extra for managing files locally.

One of the challenges that we faced was collaborating. I live in Canada and Sidhya lives in India, so we had to schedule our Zoom calls at late in the night.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

If you think this is a cool idea, it would mean the world to us if you gave a star on GitHub!

Discussion (15)

angussmith2002 profile image

Wow this is awesome, and I have a suggestion as well! Perhaps, when you open Backpack Reader, you could have it automatically play the song "Aries - Racecar". I feel like this would add another dimension of "cool" to this project. Anywho, keep up the great work!


cliu13 profile image
Charlie Liu

Nice job! :)

kxchen profile image
Kai Chen Author

Thanks Charlie! ;)

skitroll123 profile image

I think that this is a really nice idea! Very cool

visualmov profile image

This is a really cool idea! Nice job.

kxchen profile image
Kai Chen Author

Thank you, Ryan!

navyseelxd profile image

Very Nice!!!!

bayuangora profile image
Bayu Angora

Nice project. It's good if can be implemented for another social media.

kxchen profile image
Kai Chen Author

Hey Bayu, this is definitely planned! Thank you for the suggestion.

kewbish profile image
Emilie Ma

Super cool :)

kxchen profile image
Kai Chen Author

Thanks Emilie!

ryn5 profile image
ryn5 • Edited on

Amazing idea! Having a Readit I can bring around in my backpack is going to be an absolute game changer! Thank you so much for your contribution to this country, young man! I will be sharing this with my entire family! So cute!!! Hugs and kisses from Azerbaijan! 😘

colbykwan123 profile image
colbykwan123 • Edited on

if i were u i would just restart its too complicated i cant understand it please next time up your game a little it kinda sucks, its ok since you are still in high school but in the real world you might want to think ahead a little more , how is this going to be profitable ? the answer is it is not !! please work on your brain game.

kxchen profile image
Kai Chen Author

Thank you for the constructive feedback. I will work on my brain game.

th0g profile image
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thog dont caare