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Discussion on: An Exploration of How to Use Amazon S3 as an Event Bus

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Kyle Galbraith Author

Yup EventBridge is yet another way to get an event bus up and running within AWS. I don't think there is any mention of hacking mentioned in here or cost saving for that matter. This is just a thought experiment on how it could be mimicked using S3. I have actually seen this idea applied within Fortune 100 companies (pre EventBridge).

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Paweł Kowalski

Yeah, exactly. Fortune 100 companies have 1000s employees, "your new startup" that someone will start, will have none, or best case scenario couple. They should definietly not fiddle with adapting s3 to eventbridge or DB, as some people try to do.

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I think the issue is that this article reads as if it were a recommendation. Maybe in large part to the title referencing "your next architecture" as if it is something one should implement. I do think S3 events are useful, but I wouldn't use them as a bus for a system that wasn't already focused on the data being put in the S3 :)