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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Kyle Galbraith

Good read Steff! I have been following IndieHackers for about a year now and post over there frequently. It is a great community that really supports everyone in it. It is also a great place to know that you are not alone in this adventure. It is an adventure and it is hard, but it is not impossible.

I recently started my own idea. A book about how to go about learning AWS by using it. It focuses on learning by doing. Focus on the problem at hand, build solutions, and learn the services as you go. So far it is off to a great start and I am excited to be taking that first step towards my overall goal.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter Steff. I would be happy to help you out on your adventure as well in anyway I can.

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Ahhh good to find another indie hacker! :D

I will, it would be great to have someone with experience to get in touch! I saw an article about how having experience with AWS could increase your salary by $30,000 a year, I think you found a great niche to explore. Good luck on your projects, the best!