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I've recently been doing a lot of tinkering/learning in indexedDB. When it comes to storing files as blobs and opening them, no problem. But if you want a download option, you need to set the "download" attribute and provide a name. Not that out there for sure, but notable as specific to HTML5 and I just used it yesterday.

  • Form element types, constraints, and placeholders
  • Semantic tags like header, nav, footer, section, article, et al
  • File API
  • Drag and Drop API

And that’s just what I use regularly


Hold up! You are the first person I even heard of that uses the drag and drop api. Does that work as well as I hope it works? As do you have experience doing drag and drop before HTML5?


I think it works pretty well. I've used it to implement a couple different different drag and drop file widgets at companies that I've worked at. HTML5 has been around since about 2011, and thinking back that far I don't think I ever tried to do anything with drag and drop before that, so I don't really have a comparison, but I do think it's pretty straight forward and simple.

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