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Discussion on: What is your experience with coding interviews that involve pair programming?

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Kyle Shevlin

I did this recently. I'd say the biggest key is to remember that this is more about collaboration than getting the solution. It's a test of seeing how you will work with a member of the team and how you will interact with them to solve a problem. This is a proxy for your day to day collaboration with team members.

Show you are open to asking for help. Don't be afraid to ask them to write the code while you dictate for a while. Especially if they are experts in the challenge at hand. Part of being a good developer is recognizing which one of your teammates is awesome at something and getting their expertise on a problem. You might get knocked for not utilizing your partner to the max of their ability.

Hope this is helpful, best of luck!

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Brianna Author

Thank you Kyle! This is great advice and very reassuring as I feel so worried about getting the right solutions, as I'm still new to coding. Thank you again for feedback.