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How will Lacework’s acquisition of Soluble benefit devs?

I’m absolutely thrilled about Lacework’s newest announcement—we just acquired Soluble, a startup whose mission is to help security and operations teams leverage IaC to scale cloud operations and security for businesses of all sizes. I’m especially excited about what Lacework’s incorporation of the Soluble technology means for devs like yourselves. There are countless benefits, but these are the three that I’m looking forward to the most.

Security and dev teams can quickly and efficiently address problems

IaC is quickly becoming the primary mechanism to manage cloud infrastructure at scale. This shift increases both velocity and risk—to keep up, security and development teams need to quickly address the resulting vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Integrating the Soluble technology into Lacework’s platform and teaming with Soluble’s experts prepares us to shift further left into developer workflows.

Integration is simple—connect with Lacework through Git

Lacework can directly and quickly reach developer audiences. Soluble helps Lacework make security issues easier to solve by correlating cloud misconfigurations to IaC and enabling remediation at the source via pull requests. This expands Lacework’s platform to the places where developers are writing their code: directly in the UX/CLI/GitHub and GitLab. For developers to integrate with Lacework, they simply need to connect through Git.

This facilitates security/operations teams and developer partnerships

Soluble shares Lacework’s vision to build a modern, data-driven approach to cloud security. Implementing Soluble’s capabilities to the Lacework platform helps security and operations teams shift further left and partner with developers so they can manage applications and infrastructure efficiently, securely, and reliably.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this acquisition in the comments below👇.

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