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Lacework VS Code Extension

The Lacework VS Code vulnerability scanner extension is a new plugin that will quickly identify vulnerabilities in your base images right from your IDE. This is a first step and alpha release with expanded and additional capabilities to be released soon.

This blog covers how to install lw-scanner and leverage it to perform image assurance scans from within VS Code.

Install lw-scanner
The plugin assumes that lw-scanner is installed on your local system. Installation instructions can be found here: and the the latest release of the scanner binary can be found at

Once lw-scanner is installed the next step is to download the Lacework plugin from the VS Code Marketplace.

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With an active Dockerfile in the editor you can initiate an image assurance scan by clicking Command+Shift+P on macOS (Control+Shift+P on Windows/Linux).

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Once the scan is complete you will see a summary next to the base image that will disappear along with a more detailed scan result available in the output window.

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Source code can be found here for now: github.

This is just a quick preview update. For suggestions or feedback please open an issue on the repo. PRs welcomed. Stay tuned for more.


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