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Discussion on: My Top 3 Ruby on Rails Best Practices

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Lachlan Campbell

I completely agree with these ideas, and naturally want to follow them. But recently I've been actively stopping myself from spending time "cleaning up after myself" when I'm coding—I realized that spending time fixing problems I don't have/writing cleaner code no one else will see and I may not even touch in the future isn't a good use of my time right now.

This would obviously be very different if I was working with a team on a project that would be continued to be maintained, I'm just working alone on a lot of one-off projects at the moment (coded several school projects this week).

Side not: Prettier has been brilliant for my JavaScript—I set it up in Vim + Atom so that my JS formats automatically on save, and it saves me so much time I didn't even realize I was spending. I wish the same kind of project existed for Ruby.

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Mike Coutermarsh Author

Very smart of you! I'd do the same thing.