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First off, really sorry you had to go through that. Personally I think I would have walked out at some point, there's only so much you need to put up with.

My experience is different and perhaps a little more light-hearted. My worst interview, by far, was for the job I currently hold, and it wasn't the company'S fault at all!

I decided to leave early to give myself time to find the place and collect myself, however what I didn't account for was the fact that it was incredibly hot that day, and that walking around in this heat would cause the beginning of a sun-stroke.

When the interview began, everything was going smoothly, but partway through I started feeling dizzy, short of breath etc. I started sluring my words and looking very pale, so I requested we take a short 5 minutes break so I could get my composure back.

I managed to finish the intervew, but went home thinking that I would never get the job. I did get the job. I still work there.

The guy who hired me left maybe a year and a half after that, and admitted that he thought when I requested the break, I would most likely pass out, so he was getting ready to call for an ambulance if needed.

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