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re: I generally use a jsfiddle or something. No coding test is going to be so complex that you need to set up your own server environment for it (pleas...

It really depends.

What we don't do anymore is like 10 mini-tasks.
Like 1 liner or 2 liner solutions. For us, the code task is not about how fast can you google the solution and then copy and paste from stack overflow. It's more about how you work and can you work in a team. This kind of task does not add any value for us. Culture for us is more important than how do you do fizzbuzz. I, in general, would avoid companies that let you code fizzbuzz.

If you want to be a full stack developer setting up a database and connecting it to a frontend should not be hard. You can use tools like meteorjs.

If you are a junior frontend dev then, of course, you don't have to do this.

In general, all these points are things that will make you better than the average developer.

Using a service like Heroku can be done by people who are coding for a week. I had classes where we used Heroku on the 3 days of class and everybody was happy that he or she could show their website to others.

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