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I struggle with relaxing on weekends due to this sort of comparison. I feel like I am wasting my time if I am not doing something productive.

But, if I focus solely on those around me, such as my colleagues, they don't tend to work on things over the weekend and yet they are still great.

That helps me relax a bit. If they don't need to, then I don't need to. That is a helpful comparison.

I try to focus on comparing my current self to where I want to get to. Normally that takes the form of admiring my colleagues' skills. Just makes think, "if I can be like this in 5 years, I'll be well happy".

I'll never be the best. I can accept that. But, I definitely have the room to grow and get somewhere towards the top.

Maybe, if we all had this sort of mindset of just doing what we can. We will generally be happier.

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